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So, the last Xanax I took was yesterday around lunch. Still kept control of 1 and 2 all the way up to bed. Still wetting in my sleep but didn't mess. Once I got out of the shower though I had an urge to go but felt that I wouldn't be able to hold it for long.

Today so far, I noticed I couldn't hold my urine for long and feel that tomorrow I'll be back to no control.

Dr said he can prescribe a medication that's 15 letters long. I'm not going to take it as I'm okay to use diapers. If this is a mental thing I'm sure I can eventually regain control again. I'm still thinking about canceling my urologist appointment next week.

I talked to my wife about this and she's on the same page. She likes that I wear diapers and has a need for them. She's been wearing on the weekends mostly and not in public yet. I still see she's not comfortable wearing in front of me but she wears when she wants to and I don't push it

So that's my update
Like I said in your other thread - I still think you should see the urologist. I think it is important to rule out any physical or infection reasons for your incontinence. Once that is done, I see no reason not to use diapers as a way to 'control' the problem.
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