Wrong size made me lose interest???

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So I bought two packs of bambino diapers in the summer of 2013 but I had gotten the wrong size. I haven't worn in over a year but I have had the urge recently and was wondering how I can tape them on without the tape (Duct tape) stuck to my skin. Not only is it uncomfortable but I think I have lost my interest because of the issue. I was going to buy some Abena L4s soon, but I have so many bambino left, what do I do with them?
Hi Nadia, so you ordered a size too small, and now need to use another tape to fasten these Bambinos? When I had a similar issue I folded those typical perforated blue and white kitchen wash cloths (new dry ones) and placed them over my skin between where the diaper wings would stretch to.. Then with duct tape I taped all around the diaper and over those cloths, so as not to stick directly onto the skin. Worked well for me. A couple of packs of those cloths are cheap and you can even cut each one up to be more economical - you only need a thin barrier between the tape and your skin!
Enjoy those Bambinos, or sell them to somebody... The 2013 ones would be popular I am sure!
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