where can you Buy Plastic/PVC incontinance pants in Benidorm Spain or lake Garda/Verona in Italy

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I recently went to Benidorm Spain and tried to buy some PVC /Plastic incontinence pants I traveled the length and breadth of Benidorm and tried Every Farmacia In Benidorm even used a language translator to translate into Spanish but to no avail I could not get any anywhere! One Pharmacist said that he had never seen any! I showed him a pair I had on discreetly of course and he said that I would not get any in Benidorm.
I am due to fly off to Verona in Italy as well does any one know where I could get some in Verona?
also has anyone bought plastic pants in Benidorm?
I could get disposable products but I prefer the Terry type and plastic pants. I am going to Benidorm again and may need to get plastic pants and would appreciate any help.
I don't know of any physical shops, but are you able to order online and get the package sent to your hotel/hosts (either in advance or order when you're there)?

Save Express have a ridiculously large range of diapers and related products, and their shipping is very fast and reliable:

You might want to add this item to your basket too -- "neutral packaging" so that no one will know what's inside:
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