What is the best way or way to put on a diaper?


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Every time I put on a diaper I feel that I don't put it on well, I want it to be very tight but it gives me the feeling that it is loose and I feel that it will not absorb well
I have only recently seriously started to wear nappies after a number of false starts. So for what it is worth, I lie down in changing position,legs bent, and start with the leg tabs, angling them slightly upward and as tight as possible. Then the waist tabs, this time slightly downwards. I have tried the standing with wall method but laying down works better for me. The big two tab nappies are in my opinion more tricky to get right. Legs ok but waist a bit loose. Hope this helps, feel a bit too inexperienced to give much more advice.
Order some MegaMax diapers from Northshore Care. They have the best tapes and landing zone for that nice tight fit. The tapes won’t peal away like others do when you put them on too tight.