What do I do now?

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I just found out that my grandfather passed away and I have to go to winter Haven Florida for the funeral service and my brother is quiting his job leaving me to deal with the rent and utilities myself and I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to do this being on ssi (social security income) I only get $ 755.10 and have to pay rent of $ 500.00 and my karate class of $ 129.00 which leaves me with $ 126.10 and on top of that I have to pay the second brother back for providing plane tickets of $ 249.00 in $ 50.00 payments per month that leaves me with $ 76.10 and nobody's hiring with makes getting a job difficult and even when I do find a job opportunity I always get ignored like I don't even exist and the worst part is I only have less than a month to come up with some money to take care of my bills :wallbash:
That's a terrible position to be in. Since your brother is leaving, can you advertise for a paying roommate? That may be your only solution.
My brother is not movng out but he is quitting his job so he can go to the funeral service in winter Haven Florida with me ecause our grandfather died but to just quit his job like this is just so frustrating and I asked him to keep his job and not to quit without a fallback plan. I let him know that I can't afford to take on all these bills at once until 2017 and being on a fixed income every month I can't always take on anymore expenses. I feel like he just don't care and if he can get out of something then he will just one less thing to worry about and I can't believe my own flesh and blood brother is taking advantage of this situation. He also isolates himself from everyone including family members to play games on his computer and he never spends any time with family and the only time he talks to me is when he needs or wants something.
Well there are many ways to try and solve this problem.

1. If it's your place, tell your brother to not quit, and if he does he can't stay. To quit a job due to a death in the family makes no sense. This alone may make him not quit.
2. If he does quit and you don't let him stay with you, try to get a roommate.
3. If he stays but also quits, take a break from Karate to save some extra money.
4. You could also tell him, that not having a job doesn't remove his obligation to pay. So regardless he will still have to find a way. Again, this may prevent him from leaving his job.
5. Sell him to the highest bidder and hope someone needs a servant XD ... obviously a joke.
I don't feel like I should step in this, but there seems to be a lack of an excuse for him to quit just to go to this funeral. His job should allow him the time to take off for the funeral. There cannot be any excuses unless there is something that you don't know about.
So your brothers quits his job. The first thing I see is the karate classes. Is this an automatic monthly payment from your account? If not, then don't do karate for awhile. If it is, ask the studio if you can get a relief from the payments for a few months. If not, then your brother will have to get another job or get SSI himself.
My karate payments are automatic I will try asking them if they will lower the payment plan and see what happens from there
Yaaay!!! I managed to get the payments down to $ 79.00 a month for my karate class :smile1:
dragon123 said:
Yaaay!!! I managed to get the payments down to $ 79.00 a month for my karate class :smile1:

That helps doesn't it?
zipperless said:
That helps doesn't it?

Yes it definitely does :smile1:
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