wetting at college

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I am finding it slightly more easier to wet at college but sometimes I can't pee especially if I am sitting next to someone. I end up not peeing completely and my pees get bigger.

How do I sort this problem out?,I know my diaper won't leak and if I have a pee face, I will just say I have an uncomfortable itch. I know nobody can tell I am peeing. Is it because I havn't peed in front of anybody for about 8 years?

I really want this problem solved so I don't feel uncomfortable both emotionally and physically.
When I was in college I wet my diapers before going to class. Therefore I did not have to worry about wetting in the middle of a lecture of worry about if it would leak if it was a heavy wetting.
you could bring an odor proof seat cushion to class with you. if anyone asks, tell them the college furniture is uncomfortable. (Because frankly college furniture is very hard).
Wetting in front of people is weird, we're not used to doing it really, I find that often happens even when I am on skype with my girlfriend (she's ABDL too)
memaymymoemoo said:
you could bring an odor proof seat cushion to class with you. if anyone asks, tell them the college furniture is uncomfortable. (Because frankly college furniture is very hard).

The seats are cushioned anyway, people would tease me for bringing a cushion in to college and I don't want to draw attention to myself.
I don't have this issue, although I may have back when I started wearing hardcore. I'm trying to get comfortable peeing while driving, and my technique is to push and push until I start to feel the dam breaking. Once that happens, I relax more and more til the pee flows freely. It's worked twice already today,and it could work for you with your issue :)
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It's hard to do unusual things especially for pee around people, it's the most embarrassing things and reminds me when I first time wearing diapers to try hard pee around the people. To begin to get used for something that was never done is not easy I know and should be routinely try to do it again so we can get used to it, therefore it doesn't matter if you try do it for you can get used and don't care about people around you, certainly they didn't are you wear diapers isn't it? And also make sure your diapers don't leak. But if you really feel uncomfortable to do it around people, it's better for you excuse out the class and find a place where no one with you to be able pee at there for more comfortable is also no problem.
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There's really no magic bullet to doing it, it's all a matter of training your body to relax and let it go in situations you're otherwise unused to doing so in. You may find it easier to work up to it, e.g. practice while standing in a crowd of people or while sitting down at home. As soon as you're comfortable in one scenario, move on to the next. When I first started wearing ~8 years ago I had trouble even if I was sitting on the toilet wearing a diaper. It took me up until now to be able to do it sitting, standing, or laying down. I'm working on walking and driving next. It's all just a matter of practice.
just calm down and relax try not to thin of the bad outcomes as the most likely wont happen and is youre brain just overthinking slow down your breathing relax your muscles just tell yourselve that everything is ok maybe take something like you rattle but much less noisy or something
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