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I’m a DL, and have been a huge fan of goodnites, until I’ve read the forums in this site. Not to mention they are readily available. Just looking for what the next step might be ? I usually only use my diapers for “adult play time”, but will definitely wet then too ! Looking for something that isn’t too bulky, but also still makes that crinkle noise.
I usually change after a wetting or two, or after climax.
Any suggestions ?
Well, the most "affordable" diaper that fits your description that actually won't leak like a sieve would be the Tranquility ATN and you can actually contact the company and they've always been really good about sending out a sample or two. Most companies won't give out samples these days due to the cost of shipping and the fact that far too many people badly abused the sample program as they never had any intention of ever buying the products.

If you're looking for something a little more absorbent and still not outrageously priced check out the Abena "Comfort Brief" as the "premium" Abena is cloth like, has a weak shell, weak tabs and seems to seep through the "breathable" outer shell. Both the ATN & Abena Comfort Brief have a plastic/PE outer shell.

There are of course a LOT of other diapers but going from your description the 2 I listed are most likely a good starting point for you. There's also the fact that they're both FAR MORE ABSORBENT and far less likely to leak than ANY pull-up, including the adult ones as they're just plain useless for anyone other than those with the lightest leakage issues on Earth.

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have. I need to wear (disabled vet) for 20 years now so I have extensive experience with most of the medical grade diapers on the market. I am not into the ABDL diapers that look like baby diapers at all. I wind up in the ER & hospital far too often without warning and KNOW my issues would not be treated as I need them to be as they'd instantly slap a label on me as wearing for fetish reasons.
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