Tutorial to size up pampers and make the non stretchable tabs attach


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Ive been trying all kinds of methods to make me able to fit into non stretchable pamper, this is the one that works best:

You need these materials:
* Hot glue gun
* Scissors
* Previous diaper
* New diaper

1. Take out the tabs and cut the back of the previous diaper outside of the padding (optional)
2. Use hot glue gun to glue those things to the front of the new diaper
3. Attach the tabs of the new diaper to the new attachment

* This way the tabs will stay put, Ive did a test and wore the same diaper for 24 hours (without using it). Also if you like you can cut the extra tab end or attach both of them, or use the front tab only, your choice
* The new diaper feels more comfortable and prevents skin marks, and a size 6 diaper feels like size 8 diaper.
* The front of the diaper is no longer wasted since the padding moved a bit to the back, it actually holds more pee for me

Note, if you dont want to do this all work everytime you change a diaper, you can for example waste X diapers like 5 diapers (one time only) and then you will only need to perform this after using the 5 diapers, attaching 5 simultaneously, just make sure you save the tabs every time you use the previous ones, you can also use the new attached front tabs to roll the diaper to the trash

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