Tips on getting into ageplay?

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hey, everyone! Recently, I took a long, long break of ageplay, diapers, pacifiers, etc. because of a break up I had. It caused too much pain to act little, but now I feel like I really wanna get back into it. Does anyone have any tips about getting back into it/starting out age play again? It would be a really big help!
Are you by yourself or do you have another person?

If by yourself, start with stuff you like. As one suggestion, maybe pick out a children's movie, put on a thick diaper and your littlest clothes, and have lots to drink, in a bottle or sippy cup if you have them. Watch the movie with some plushies (no potty breaks required, of course) and go from there.

If you've got a partner, you can have a chat about what you want.

Lastly, consider attending a local munch and meeting some people. They might have fun events you can get into.
Do you have an especially nice memory from before that you could reenact?
I usually will go through phases, like every couple of months I'll feel the need to regress. Then I just don't need to, and sometimes just can't. I try to do maintenance by regressing before I really need it, but getting back into my little mindset after a while can be difficult. Usually I start by just trying to take a nap with a stuffy while playing Brahms Lullaby on repeat. If I wake up little, then I might go color, or watch a movie, but if I wake up big I don't pressure myself, I just go on with my day.

-Don't Force yourself. You are excited to get back in, but your body needs time to reaccustomed to a little mind set, and you may not be able to get down all the way the first few times. If you just can't get into it, then just leave it and try again later. Forcing yourself into doing what you used to do just because you used to do it. I often used to make myself do things I thought "normal" littles did, and didn't enjoy it, or get into head space at all. Looking forward to little time is key

-Go slow. Getting into headspace for short amounts of time, or while doing something small like taking a nap or watching a show can be much easier than an 8 hour little session with a caregiver. This goes hand in hand with #1.

-Feel free to reward yourself for regressing. For your big self or your little self, small tangible rewards (an icecream, a pair of socks, etc) can lead to more &/ better results next time

-Find your little triggers. Just listening to Brahms Lullaby a few times makes me feel little. Almost everyone has some food, smell, show, etc that makes them feel little. Think about what you did before, see what works. Write a list if it helps.

-Fantasize. Think about things that have changed since you lasted regressed frequently and how those changes effect your little side. Think about what fantasies you have now that you didn't have or didn't get to explore the last time around. Again, if it helps Write It Down. Doing new things can reinvigorate your little side.

-You do you. I wrote this advice based on the little I know best, myself. The likelyhood that everything listed here will work for you is small. Do what works for you. Point 1.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey,.
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