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Time for some self love

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Hi I've been lurking for years and battling the binge purge cycle for the last 12 years. After doing nofap the urges returned so now I've decided to accept myself as part of who I am. They are frankly less compulsive when I do that. I hope I'll be able to one day change, but I'm done hurting myself over it.

A bit about me. I'm an painter and accidental traveler. I got into diapers at a young age after my parents divorced and fought it on and off until now. After the meltdown my family lost everything and I've been moving around ever since. Currently I live on a sailboat in south florida and am planning to sail to europe where I dream I'll be able to live selling paintings in the south of france. I like philosophy film and art. I read quite a bit for my age but got nothing on some members of my family.
Huh. Just today I was wondering how amazing it would be to live in a boat :O It's another mans dream and another's nightmare haha.
But yes, welcome!! I draw quite a lot myself :) Not much of a painter, digital art and watercolour is my main thing!

I hope you'll get some proper self-love and acceptance going on from this point forwards! Welcome to the active part of the group!
Hi. I also got into nappies after my parents divorced, I was ten the first time I wore a nappy because I wanted to
When I was in high school, I always had this dream of living on a boat and sailing down to the Bahamas, etc. I did own a 19' sailboat, and I loved sailing. Now I live in the mountains, but I so miss the sea.
Sorry for slow response been unabpe to get any time to myself for a few days.

Yeah sailings a lot of fun. I like the mountains too. I grew up in ca so i gpt both as a kid. Living a board is a lot of fun because you meet lots ofpeople.

You just sacrifice some privacy and a lot of storage space. Makes it hard to do baby stuff. Going to start wearing diapers to bed when i get the chance. I also learned to paint on a tablet, but do to my eyes i have to do tradional because screens can give me migrains.
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