Thrift Store Find!

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Savers thrift store in Fountain Valley, CA on Garfield. Near the back of the store on the right hand side, just before the sporting goods stuff. Found a shelf with about 8 packages of First Quality (by Prevail) Briefs. Mostly size medium. 16 diapers for $3.99 plus tax. Seemed like a good buy to me. I am used to Abena Abriflex pull ups, but for the price I figured I would give them a try, so bought one package.

Does anyone have any experience with these particular diapers? The Abena I am wearing right now is getting near capacity, so will be trying one myself pretty soon.

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Well, I have tried on a First Quality brief. They are plastic backed, yet are reasonably quiet. Have two tapes per side. Tapes are good for repositioning at least a couple of times. One pretty good wetting in them so far and they appear to have the capacity for more. When wet they bulk up fairly well. They are adequately comfortable, although I am used to a pull up diaper. The package says size medium is good for up to 44" waist line. I am 42" (and shrinking thank goodness...). I would say that 44" would be the very absolute limit. But that could be because I am not used to the tap on briefs. I think I will continue to use them for a while and see how it goes once I get used to them.
Sounds like a heck of a find. Did you buy all 8 packages?
I only bought one package as I had just purchased a new package of Abenas the other day. I will try them a couple more times. If they appear to be ok I may go back and buy as many as they have on the shelf... But that will be a few days yet.
wow your lucky i have only ever got to get my hands on goodnites :(
I saw good nite girls right fits and men's prevail guards Lol. Something else once before that was a brief but a crappy buy... $8/10 of some off brand diaper... :p I keep looking.
I've had a few finds, I always keep my eyes open in thrift stores for diapers.

Craigslist/yard sale listings are great too.
When I see a good buy like that, I usually try to stock up because they go fast. I get them for my mother who likes the pullup kind.
Today I saw xsmall tranquility diapers and more men's prevail guards as well as xl absorbs disposable diapers. I'd rather not pay $4 for a size two times bigger or smaller. Lol. Saving that for real good ones.
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