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This is exciting to find a safe place


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So I’m new here I hope it’s everything I’ve been told . I’m a little 24/7 and I was worried about being safe without strange request . I tried other sites that were mostly about sex . I’m A sexual we don’t do any of that adult stuff . Yes I have a mommy for many years so I don’t need anyone asking . I posted a couple photos of me on another site all I got was are you a girl or boy 🤷🏻 I’m a little boy … Then some strange request that freaked me out . I just want to share and learn more about being a little . Yes I’m padded 24/7 I have a medical reason my insides don’t work after an injury years ago . Pretty much left me forever in diapers which I truly don’t mind at all . My mommy takes care of me and my real father left me enough funds to last a life time controlled by the court orders . He made sure I would never need worry about being disabled because SSI is pretty much a terrible safety net . So anyway I’m here I just want to meet other sweet littles whom like to talk about innocent things like my toys or cute clothing and of course soooo many cute diapers we now have available to all of us littles . So hi everyone 🥰
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Welcome and enjoy
Hello and welcome to ADISC,
I was a little nervous about joining this community. I came to see that this is a good place to explore and enjoy my Interests. The monitors do an excellent job to ensure that the rules are being follow.
Have a look around and enjoy