There once was a little boy called Sisi

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There was once was a little boy called Sisi.

He tryed his hardest to be good but sometimes he could not help him self. And his cheeky self time out.

He lived with his big brother dom Paddy. Who was also a Middle

One day he was sent out side in the gardon to play by paddy. Becoucs Paddy needed some peace and quiet, and time to get over his hangover.

But Sisi did not have any one else to play with and he walked around the gardon looking for thing to do.

Just then a butterfly said to him "would you like to come to the butterfly ball.

"But I don't have anyone to play cach with." Said Sisi.

"No silly!" said the the butterfly. "it not a game it's a dance!"

So Sisi followed the butterfly though the trees where lots of butterflies where dancing and having fun!

So Sisi got his catapult out of his pocket and ..........

Put down and joined in the dance.

( You thought I was going to say shoot at the butterflies didn't you.
Well that would have been very nice.)

Ho well time to pay bills how boring is that. But when i done I can do some colouring in and watch Another Movie.

Paying bills sucking a Pacifier, and wearing a nappy and an AB oneise. Hee, hee

I Love being a Little.


There once was a very sorry Middle called Paddy.

He was very sorry becouse he had need feel poorly all morning. And he was not getting sympathy from his little Sisi.

He had honest is little that he would play with him today. So now to make up for it he had to take him to McDonald's.
And watch the friendly dinosaur. And no sending me whops Sisi to bed early.

Hee, hee

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