There goes another game app i liked


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I like these game apps where you have characters of different ranks, you level them up, equip them, increase their skill levels, and try to get further along and in this Pursuit you get better characters, better equips, and the stuff you need to make better teams; which allows you to make even more advancements in the game.

But unfortunately the ones I end up picking eventually shut down, and there goes all my precious time I invest; i even spent a little money in the last one; but not so much that I'm furious about it (as I've heard some people are).

I wonder if they are forced to shut down or just figure they have milked people for all the money they can and may as well shut down and run off with the money they made.

I think the last one I played was very popular because it had a lot of Anime Characters (though they made pretty poor attempts to hide the characters identities and gave them different names; like it had characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Inu Yasha and many more)