Theory why I had more energy at work today.

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I think it could be me recently wearing diapers, using baby powder and wipes, as well as my sippy cup. Can getting touch with your little side give you more energy?
I can see that if you feel younger, you might act younger. Youngsters have more energy, so perhaps you were more active today. Did you crash at night? Did you wear at work?
I did crash at night, but no I don't wear at work. I guess the thought of being diapered when I get home, excites me. ^^
Anything that might excite you will make the day go by quicker. I know when my wife makes my favorite dinner (meatloaf for one) it puts me in a good mood and I can't wait to get home! :) Two weeks ago I thought I might have a few hours alone at home and the thought of buying some padding - any kind - was really exciting for a few days. But the plans fell through. :(
Well, you'll get another chance at getting diapered, right? ^^
Kind of the same with me, I think it's sort of the excitement and adrenalin :) especially when you're doing things for the first time
I think if you genuinely feel happy, that in itself makes you feel better and you experience having more energy.
I think contentment (from any source) gives you more energy and drive, and if you've felt happy and fulfilled doing things in your little headspace, you're likely to carry an extra spring in your step whilst going about your daily duties. It's as simple as that, really.
I remember when I first got my bottle in college I decided to have little time and use it and I was refreshed when I woke up in the morning and I was wide awake for my 8 AM class. I didn't even remember falling asleep that night.
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