The big one.. moving in!

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So it's finally happened. I am now making the last few steps to moving to be with my girlfriend. for anyone that read my story a few months ago this is my success story part 2. After the success of her accepting me and my "needs" we are now moving in. We have agreed the rules, when I can and can't wear. And we have made space for me to have a place to keep stock. No hiding no awkwardness. Really couldn't be happier. I get to finally progress my life in a direction I want and my secret doesn't have to hinder a second of it.

I don't care if no one reads this or replies it just feels good to write it out and feel that this big shadow that hung over me for years is now such a minor part of mylife.

So what if I wear nappies for fun. I don't harm anyone it doesn't change me or My life and I still have everything I want.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't let your desires, your fetish whatever you decide to label it as rule your life. We don't commit crimes we don't do anything wrong and it should never impact on your life. Go out there and achieve your life and if you wanna do it padded then go do that!


Hey, I read and I care. I'm glad this is working out for you. My wife accepted me and it's a great feeling. Sometimes she calls me her little baby, and that's really nice. It sounds like you've got a system worked out, so good for you and your girlfriend.
Sounds like a good plan!
Kupo, well done my friend. I feel exactly that is what a great deal of people seek in life. Not only a loving partner, but also a loving partner who will accept and 'understand' why some of us actually like this AB/DL stuff.

Moving in together is a big step and I am very pleased for you.

My only advice might be- try to stick to the 'rules', and perhaps try not to let these desires become too dominant in the relationship. It sounds like you have found yourself a great person, but best not to scare them off by not showing that they are indeed number 1 priority and interest ;-)

All the best and happy moving!
Thanks for posting. This was really uplifting to read. I'm glad to hear you two have struck a balance and things are going well.
Does this warrant a party?
Haha it may well warrant a party. It never will be the dominant thing in the relationship. certainly is exciting to see all these changes happening shortly though! Thanks for the messages everyone
What a terrific attitude! Positive, open, and honest. These are the characteristics of strong, affirming relationships. (If there is a party, I'll bring cupcakes! Cheers.)
I have been reading your post, and I'm glad to see thing are working out for you and your girlfriend. :smile:
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