Tena Slip Maxi-Reunited...

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and it feels so goooooood!!! hahaha! Well, since Tena foolishly decided to stop making the all-plastic versions, I finally caved and spent the money and bought a case of them from Bambino. THANK YOU!!! Very price, and I'm going to have to get really creative in hiding them so my aunt, whom I live with, doesn't find them. But, as soon as I took one out of the bag, caught that wonderful scent, and put it on...it is SO worth it! Happy diapering!
Your title briefly got my hopes up that they might be making more of the good ones. Still, I can't really blame you. I have a couple cases left and I hate that they'll eventually be gone.
I have roughly 88 of them left....I dread the day when I finally run out. Tena Slip Maxi is the very best diaper I've ever worn since I started wearing premium diapers. Unfortunately, manufacturers switching to cloth backed versions or hybrids are becoming a trend. I believe that trend will become the norm. In many cases it already has. I guess we'll have to rely on the ABDL centered companies to fill the gap. Even so, nobody has come close to the Tena Slip Maxi in regards to fit, comfort, capacity, discreetness, and for a diaper aimed towards the incontinent crowd they probably have best design.
Has anyone snagged any of the "Active Fit" Tena Slip range that has gone on sale in India, featuring a full plastic backing, yet? That one looked like a promising lead.

Tena UK denied all knowledge of it when asked.
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