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So I'm 18, and a guy. I never really had stuffed animals when I was little but now I love my bears. I use to suffer from insomnia and that's why I started to confide in them when I was about 13, they still help me sleep at night. I sometimes play with them a little. I was wondering what your story is and what you think of mine. Do you sometimes talk to yours?
Lol so true "Bruh I can't breath" ^^
I keep a few, as they are tokens of appreciation from my youngest relatives and my friend-infant.

My story with them is one of refusal, however, as my mother used to send me plush animalsby the dozens in my room, and I used to throw them out of my room and complain.
Me and my snivy are on top of the be honest, he would be bitching at me because he sits in the back of my car underneath the window
I do talk to mine, and cuddle them relentlessly.

By the way Flutters, my 19yo son has a bed full of stuffed animals and still expects one (and gets it!) every Christmas. You are not alone. :)
Love plushies. Pretty much everyone I got has a story of how I got them. Heck I spent my entire first semester of collage carrying around a bowser Jr. Plush and wore a lil Yoshi on my lanyard. All my friends loves them and even try to kidnap them from me xD.
I've had a few more over the years, but they are sitting in a closet at my grandparents house. When I was younger and into my early teens, I'd talk to mine.

I had these two large stuffed dogs, when I was around 6-9 years old. They were around 3 feet tall or so, I loved the two dogs. I was always scared of shots (needles) and one day, I found one at home (unused) so I took this needle, and filled it with water, and give my two stuffed dogs shots. I cried when I did it. Never did poke myself with it which is good, but I'm still a bit scared of needles. I got to see if I can find the dogs again.
I have complete back and forth conversations with mine. They like to interact with the things my wife is watching on television. If she's watching "So You Think You Can Dance", the plushies join in the dance. They dance so much better than the contestants because they can leap and fly way up into the air, sometimes hitting the ceiling.
I too used to suffer from insomnia. That all changed once I got Barry, my koala bear plushie. I never had any growing up but ever since I got him last year, we have been cuddling every-night.
ChiChi, my monkey, started sleeping with me a few months ago. At first he kept falling out of bed, but more recently he has learned to stick closer to me. He is soft and cuddly and takes me back in time.
I have a couple of small suffies in my room and my old ones are on a shelf with plastic coving them. there from the 60 and early 70.
I love my plushies I cuddle them and sleep with them every night. I also talk to mine and I play with them all of the time. I also like to carry them around with me so that we can so things together.
I think that it is not weird for you wanting to have plushies I definately want to buy more and I will when I get the chance to.
I was very lonely and isolated as a child, so I often talked to my stuffed toys, and considered one particular bear to be my best friend. I quite pathetically proceeded to carry him around with me until my tweens. Even in my teen years I would often bring around my puppet as a source of comfort. I have now learned to function in the world without them, but still keep them in my bed.
I have two, even when I don't snuggle them I always keep them within arm's length, a stuffed pig that I don't even know when or where I got him, but I call him doom pig, and a stuffed rattle snake with an actual rattle in the tail, that I bought because my mom hates snakes, and I named her shana.

I also have a stuffed Garfield, but we don't talk about him >_<
I also suffer from insomnia, so much that I sometimes take ZzzQuil to get to sleep some nights.

I just bought my first one the other day. The last one that I snuggled with at night, I was under 7 years old, that wasn't the dogs (from my previous post here)

I snuggled with it every night so far (about 3 nights now). Well night before last, I had quite a bad nightmare. When I woke up she was in my arms, giving me a comforting hug, I really needed it after that nightmare. I forgot what it was about, but I remember 3 faces moving side-to-side fast right in front of my face and woke up then.

I'm glad that she was with me then. Previously when I had nightmares, it was hard for me to cope with it for a few hours after waking up from them, but with my teddy bear I felt comfortable much soon, under an hour, however I still couldn't get back to sleep until last night.

Anyway, after I woke up and realized that I was actually awake, I hugged her tightly and said Thanks to her.

She might be new to me, but she's already helped me out. I think that's the important thing there "Helping people to cope with anything they need to."


I just realized that I already posted here, but wanted to share this also.
I have my two giant care bears and my stuffed tiger to lure me to sleep every night. I don't think its silly, if its comforting and not hurting anybody else there's no shame in it.
I have all kinds of plushies of different animals.

I always had one, and always had a had time falling asleep without one.
Even during the day I sometimes hold one.
They always been a comfort thing to me.
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