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Stuck in diaper

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  1. Diaper Lover
On diaper at work for one year (2016)

I accept to be part of a study on safety and efficiency. Have to wear diaper at work each day, fill a survey form each month. Diapers are free and are part of our security equipment with boots, gloves, hat, harness, etc...
At time I was sure it was not a big deal since I know some computer freak and gamers who wear diaper at time.
It's not so easy to wear, warm, heavy at time, take time to put on; but no more rush to find the john, no more stress in traffic and more...
My girlfriend told everybody that I wear diaper at work. Friends want to know more and more. I am sure they will forget in a few weeks.
Also my girlfriend want me to wear diaper 24/7. It should be easier to use to with time.
I am afraid to do this commitment.
What will append next year?
Will I have to stay on diaper for the rest of my life?

P.S. I work on ventilation system mostly on roofs and basements
Hello WearAtWork and welcome to the group.
Even if the study end, I will not quit wearing diaper at work. I will pay for the diaper. It make my working day a lot easer. Now, I know that diaper are the best friend of a worker like me.
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