Stash super review: Rearz, Fabine, Cuddlz, 24/7, Bellissimo, Abena

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I just received my ABDL mix case from Rearz, and a bag of Dry 24/7 to add to my current collection. That's 6 premium brands at my place all at once; Rearz Spoiled, Fabine Pacifier print, Cuddlz (single tape, print all over), Dry 24/7, Bambino Bellissimo, and Abena L4. I also have some Attends 10 and have had Bambino Teddy, Classico, Bianco and SecureX as well as Molicares and Tena Slip. I am going to post my impressions and some pics of them over the next weeks. I tend to like my diapers thick and often use the amazing Abena Abri-let boosters (or two) to bulk up a diaper so I will comment on how suitable each is to bulking up this way.

A bit about me to put my impressions in context. I am a larger male (240) and am a bit too big for a medium but on the low end of the large size range. I always wear a large to allow for extra bulking but I can just squeeze into a medium if I wore it alone. I find that I need (or like?) to use tape to secure the legs better than the stock tapes can on me. Usually by applying a third tape low on the back panel. Think Attends extra bottom tape. I enjoy wetting my diapers but rarely if ever mess them.

Well. Look forward to my thoughts as I get a chance to wear and wet each brand. I will be testing each on its own, with one and two boosters.
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