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Starry Hello!

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Hi guys,

So quick intro into Starry9:
1) Was hit from behind in car accident last year- went through huge ordeal and a slew of docs. Led to ton of pains, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, various issues and urinary symptoms ranging from retention to frequency to now some dribbling and leaking

2) I guess I do kinda enjoy diapers- diapers are far more preferable to what I went through. Being totally unable to pee is NOT FUN! And Extremely Scary!
I found being 'little', regressing, and cuddling with my teddy to be literally a lifesaver when I was at my lowest points and having raging terrifying flashback episodes

3) what i like? running/hiking or otherwise being able to walk- god i love it! After my accident I had more and more difficulty walking even standing. I had to use a walker - which was kinda depressing for me being so young. And I also enjoy playing video games or solving problems

4) what i expect and why im here? Well I like a lot of the forum posts here and hope to enjoy everyones company here. I hope to have some support and offer some in turn. And maybe get some more advice on diapers and few tidbits about incont. but anyways- mainly just have fun

Welcome kdlstarry9! I'm sorry to hear you've gone through so much this past year. You seem to be handling it well, though! That was a great intro and you have definitely come to the right place for advice!
Thank you zipperless.
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