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I think there should be a law that anyone posting a picture of someone wearing a clothing item, should have to also post its source or where to get it!
For example I found this picture at sissykiss and I want that leotard with tutu! I want it, I want it, I want it!
Ok, I think I’m back under control.



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Oh that is so beautiful
Looks photoshopped but still good.
Seasonedcitizen said:
Looks photoshopped but still good.
As an ex graphic designer i can say yes probably is as the wrinkles and creases are removed or softened and most camel toe removed and backgrounds are softened if required .
Just had a look enlarged YES 100 % cut and paste might have had some question to answer if the did the photo shoot on location in the play ground lol
Yeah, it was definitely photo shopped, but I didn’t care!
Seasonedcitizen said:
Looks photoshopped but still good.
Agree. What an oddly photoshopped image.
It occurred to folks probably were speaking of the whole thing is photo shopped. I was thinking of just the pictures of the guys were photoshopped onto another photo of the playground. In reality maybe they also photoshopped the leotard/tutu onto a guys picture. Meaning the leotard/tutu was not adult size either. Sad.