Someone noticed my diaper! >///<

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So today I was with my mommy walking along the beach after we had a little photo shoot and she watched me play with the tide coming in and out q:

I was wearing two thick cloth diapers underneath some cloth blue shorts with little palm tree prints on them and a short sleeve baseball tee.

We just walked past a group of teenage girls and with our backs faced to them, I heard one of them say:
"I think that boy's wearing a diaper!"

Oh God, I could have died. I immediately clutched to my mommy and we eventually went home and got some boba tea :3 ...right after she was finished cooing and teasing me!

Arghh! Embarrassment hehe. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Share them with me!! :B
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One time I was in spangles ordering food with my then at the time girlfriend, and as I finished ordering I started to have an accident right in front of everyone. I made sure it was paid for, and rushed to the car.

She waited for the food then when she got there I was still beet red. I told her I wet my pants, and to this day I hate to recall that memory.
Cute little story I'm jealous x//3 Anyway when I went to see my friend at Toys Us she asked me if I was wearing a diaper (cause she smell baby powder on me) and I had blushed lol.
With that much padding I would be surprised if no one else noticed :)

Me and a friend went to Balboa park, if you dont know its a big place with lots of museums, really lovely place. We were walking on the bridge to go in when some guys behind us yelled out "hey, we can see your diaper!". They were some 20 something year old riding bikes, its was an oddly toddlerish situation involving some older people haha.
Why they decided to call him out is beyond me but we didnt care, we still kept walking and had some fun that day.
I have never had anyone comment about my nappies.
One time I was buying some more diapers at walgreens and a young boy was ahead of me with his mother and her friend. They were discussing whether or not they should let the young boy get some sour candies. I commented on just how damaging they could be (equal to that of battery acid), to which they thanked me. They saw the diaper package I was carrying and asked if I was fetching some supplies for an elder parent or grandparent. I chuckled and said, life has a funny way of dealing people cards. They said sorry to hear about that, to which I replied, I just accept what life tosses my way, and that it sometimes includes a bowling ball below the belt.
But yeah, I was injured on multiple occasions down there. The only way I know I have to go is by the pressure of my bladder about to give.
Two Cloth diapers? No wonder people noticed!

I've had plenty of people see my buy diapers, but I had a bit of a different experience at rest stop a few weeks ago. Being on the road for an hour with an hour to go, I decided to stop along the way to change and maybe get some kind of snack. Any way, long story short, I rushed to change and jumped into the line of a Starbucks as it grew longer with a few girls in what I assume to be their early twenties. And as I got to my car, I realized that my shirt was accidentally tucked into the back of the diaper instead of my jeans. There was no way that anyone behind me didn't notice. No one said anything of course, but I still feared that someone may have snap chatted the sight or that I was going to end up on some 'people of walmart' type thing. Yikes. I always double check from now on before leaving the stall.
I don't understand why it's that embarrassing, it's nobody's business.
I would only be embarrassed if I was spotted by somebody I knew. Anybody else? Who cares?
PaddedInPuyallup said:
I would only be embarrassed if I was spotted by somebody I knew. Anybody else? Who cares?

Yep. If it happened to me I might be momentarily embarrassed, but if I don't know them I'm not going to dwell on it.
silentdreamer1996 said:
...[cut out the rest]...and that it sometimes includes a bowling ball below the belt.

oh.... :SHOCKED:

I cringed, I crossed my legs... That brought back 2 memories from middle school (grade 7 iirc)

I was in PE, I was not a popular kid at all (bullied and all that), 2 popular kids decided it would be funny to throw 2 basketballs. They were on the basketball team and had excellent precision and skills. The first hit me in my face, bloodying my nose (didn't break it thankfully), a couple of seconds later I was on the ground from the 2nd ball hitting me down below.

After the coaches helped me get my nose stopped bleeding, I got to watch, through a glass, both of them get their asses paddled, 4 times each.

I got semi-revenge on them later on in high school, in grade 12, after I took a picture of them dealing hardcore drugs and turned them in. I didn't see them anymore after that, I'm not sure if they went to prison after school, but I do know they went to alternative school, after they got out of jail.

As for the OP question, no not yet. I hope not either, I'd die from embarrassment.
Sulqy117 said:
Me and a friend went to Balboa park, if you dont know its a big place with lots of museums, really lovely place.
It is a nice place, but definitely attracts more than its fair share of odd people. I helped set up for the maker faire held there last year and was amazed at the sheer number of crazy homeless people wandering around in the early morning.
KimbaStarshine said:
Yep. If it happened to me I might be momentarily embarrassed, but if I don't know them I'm not going to dwell on it.

I walked into a local rite aid to get some depends the one time and there was my cousin shopping, she's my parent age and didn't see me so I just avoided her seeing me until she left. Then I grabbed and paid for my diapers, but I have so maaaaaaany relatives that I have to do a lap around the pharmacy before I pick out my diapers.
Try going Shopping Around early Morning when Shops First open
I wear out and about when in public all the time. But the cloths I wear while wearing tends to conceal that I'm wearing, nobody has ever said anything, so Im fairly confident nobody has seen anything. But there are 2 times.

Once just a few days ago, I was having a smoke in the garden wearing nothing but a nappy and t-shirt when the guy that lives behind me appeared in his garden out of nowhere so I quickly slipped back in the door, Im unsure if he saw anything or not? I do this quite often as my garden is quite sheltered apart from the house to the rear.

Another time was quite a while ago, where I was caught outright. I did post the story on here, but Im sure its down in the depths of adisc's archive on forum page 738 or something lol. But I will give my account of things for those that didnt see it back then. I was on a long drive and wearing at the time. I was quite wet and needed a change so stopped at a motorway services. I went into the disabled toilet, got out the fresh nappy and some wipes. I remember taking off the wet nappy and putting it on the floor and cleaned myself with some wipes and put them on the used nappy ready to tape up into a little package when I was done. I got the fresh nappy and unfolded it placed it between my legs, taped up one side and just about to do the other when....THE DOOR OPENED. Stood there was a man holding a small boy, he just said "oh sorry" and quickly closed the door again. The seconds felt like minutes. It turned out I didnt lock the door properly, so my own fault in a way. My heart was thumping and I was hoping the man and the boy wasnt there when I made my sheepish exit. I finished my change and picked the used nappy up and folded it into a little package and put it in the bin. When I went out of the disabled toilet, luckily the man was nowhere to be seen. I carried on with my drive with heart thumping and hands shaking lol. But these days, that incident has taught me to actually check the door is locked.
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