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I have been trying everyday to find a solution to my problems and how to deal with them.

Lately, I felt like I've been more socially active with my friends and even started talking about my problems and so far it has been helping me, For Example, today I saw the new Captain America Movie it was incredible and Honestly I can honestly say that Chris Evans is top ten HOTTIE in my list.

But the one thing i noticed, was i haven't reached out to anyone in the community about my issues. In fact I felt like i have been blaming most of my issues on tumblr. I feel like tumblr is an online community of it own that reminded me of high school, SOME OF US are grown adults and on social media sites we act little children (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT).

I am not going to lie I was one of them. I wanted and was willing to do anything for followers and likes. But to be honest, I end up hurting myself... I began to ask questions that were completely OBLIVIOUS to my regular attitude.

I am I good enough?
Do they Like me?
Why don't they like me?
Is it because im not white?
is it because in not showing my penis?
i can show my penis?

I realized i was willing to do ANYTHING to gain attention from the Tumblr community that i lost control of the reason why I did this in the first place. So i had to do what I had to do.

press the delete button.
Maxx said:
Funny. I tried tumblr, instagram and twitter a while back to see what all the fuss was about. I mean, if everybody is doing it, maybe I'm missing something important and useful. Turns out I wasn't. Tumblr is completely worthless. Twitter is marginally useful as a quick way to get to some news links, but other than that it reminds me of high winds on garbage day.

I tried facebook and twitter, a bit back but I didn't like them. I guess I am not that socail of a person, which is Ironic considering my age. Youtube however that is different, I really liked it. Instagram and Tumblr I haven't really tried but the former I don't think i get and the latter I want to try but haven't yet.
Yeah, Tumblr seems like a free porn site to me.
Maxx said:
In defense of Facebook, I've found it convenient for some friends and family things, along with a couple of closed groups I belong to.

Yup. Only reason i still have a facebook.
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