Sofia the First on Huggies Pull Ups

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Has the Sofia the First graphics on the girl kind been the only really good thing about the Huggies Pull Ups nowadays?:smile:

I Really miss the old Disney Princess graphics
hey GoodnitesFan97
In Australia they still have the Disney princess graphics on the pull ups. However I like the Sofia the First tv show and wish they were here in Australia places? haha. Australia usually takes ages before we get any change in the graphics like the Tinkerbell or frozen drynites compared to America which seem to have it a year before us.
Does the Princess Pull Ups there have Rapunzel graphics(with other princesses)
Do you fit them and can you post the pictures of the designs please
Well kind of fit them. There are two sizes the one I showed last was the larger size which fits ok but is a bit pinchy around the legs if you were to walk. I am only 57 KG too and pretty skinny. The smaller sized ones shown (14-18KG) do fit as well but are again a little less comfortable which is a shame because the designs are really cute. Unfortunatly my pack didn't come with Rapunzel so I can't show you her design but I included the ones that did:
Can you show me the designs please
I did try to upload pictures with the links but then it said it needed a moderator a day ago so I'll try again. Here is the link:
Also I didn't get the rapunzel one in the pack I had so sorry about that and the last image is of the smaller pack. As for fitting I weigh 57KG and can manage to slide both sizes on but are a little tight.
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