Shoe's on the other foot now..

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A bit of personal info,
I was never to much into AB/Lil since I always assumed I could never get a caretaker. I eventually succumbed and fashioned myself a caretaker, I found a Little to take care of and me and her were very happy together. I was her Daddy and she was Daddy's little girl.
After some unrelated personal stuff, she desperately wanted to mother someone. This stretched to me before I thought of letting out my Little side.

Then we started; she very much enjoys being Momma, and I her Bug (She mis-typed "bud" and it stuck). We enjoy cuddling and bits of age/roleplay throughout our days from time to time. She even surprised me with a paci!

So the lesson to be learnt, never give up hope, or at least find some other joy.
I still get to he Daddy once in a while after all.
You got the best of both worlds! Win - Win!
Very much so! I don't see many switches in the AB community, let alone a switch relationship.
Sounds fabulous, I hope you both continue to find fulfilment in your roles....which ever way they go.
Like any trip, just enjoy the ride and let yourself go hehe
It is amazing to be able to swap between the roles.
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