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Are there any railway enthusiasts (steam or diesel)? If so what Engines do you like and what railway company do you like e.g, GWR, LNWR, LNER etc?
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Ooohh yeah I *love* trains - both real ones and scale model ones. Personally, my favorites are CSX and Santa Fe lines, though, if I had to choose, I think the top of the list of my favorites would be Union Pacific.

And, if it seems like something you'd be interested in, I do have my "trains group" here on the forums where rail-fans can gather and chat. :)
Detroit & Mackinac Railroad in Northeast Michigan
Providence & Worcester in Rhode Island and Massachusetts
and as far as International
Frankfurt Intercity rail
As far as Subways
Boston (T)
Washington DC Metro
Chicago (L) Blue Line
San Francisco (BART)
I live near a CXS line. There's a restaurant my wife and I like to go to called The Depot, an old rail depot building. They have a big, wooden model train on display. On nights that we're lucky, the train goes by. I also bike on a bike/walking trail that was made from an old abandoned rail line. There's a very tall steel trestle bridge that crosses the trail, and sometimes the train will be running over my head as I bike beneath it.
I'm not usually interested in trains, but for some random reason I found myself watching a training video about maintenance and fault diagnostics on Class 455 trains and... I was mesmerised by it!

The instructions from about 4m10s are strangely fascinating and bewildering (for someone who knows nothing about trains).


Yes I am a "foamer"!!!

I love the big ones and the Small ones.

My family worked for the Southern Pacific and REA.

So I like SP, T&NO, Cotton belt the Pacific Elelectric.

I collect everything china, Lamps, Time tables, etc.

I have HO scale stuff getting ready to build a lay out.

I love to chase trains and drive by the rail lines to see what is going through town.

The is a 1 1/2 inch to the foot scale rail road club in Molalla, Oregon that I like to take the kids to and ride the trains.

I will second the suggestion of joining the train group that is here in the group section.

Love BR diesels class 31 37 50 20 and the multi versatile 73
also SR BR electro diesel (thumpers)
GWR man here, all the way (which is weird considering I lived in the South East for most of my life - LOL). I've always had an interest in steam engines and preserved railways (my family has close ties with the whole thing: we've all done stuff on the line at one point or another).
I have been train cracked since my Dad pulled me out of bed at 1130 PM to see the 20th century limited change engines. I was three.
Worked as a hostler and on the signal gang for the PC.
Diesels for me so favourite company is BR (British Rail). Took engine numbers from about 1980-87.
Rode the City of San Francisco streamliner a couple of times in the early 60's when I was in the Air Force.
Worked for the CNW as a welder carman in there heavy repair shop. Also messed around with HO model
railroading for a few years. Liked mostly Midwestern railroads.
I lived with an active train track literally in my back yard, so I grew up loving them and walking miles down the tracks with friends. There was a criss-cross a few blocks down, and that track frequently carried long coal trains. I'd bicycle down to watch them take minutes to go by. I still enjoy catching a train going by. I wasn't ever much into the engines or particular models. The ones near me were always big diesel engines, Union Pacific (yellow/gray) and MKT (green) I believe, so I enjoy seeing those patterns. For me there's something about the rails going seemingly endlessly, with much less imposition on the landscape than a road. I especially like rails where the ties are hidden, and you just see rails peeking up above the grass/dirt/pavement. There's also something about the massive scale they move things on, being so heavy and lengthy yet rolling seemingly smoothly by without any problems.
I live in a town where the BNSF rolls through at least once per day; though it's mostly coal trains followed by grain trains interspersed with the occasional consist makeup that the AMTRAK line doesn't have room for. Not far away the UP Marysville Sub can be found and has a relatively even mix of coal vs consist, so it's interesting to watch. My great-aunt lives in a tiny town where a short line railroad (NCRC) marches through every now and then. Every year on the Junk Jaunt I have the opportunity to coast along that particular leg of the NCRC. As a bonus, I managed to snap a picture of an engine the biofuel plant in Ord bought before it got repainted. It's not great in picture quality, but is certainly clear enough that someone who knows how to photoshop can clean up the number on it.

Wisconson and Southern.jpg
I must be lucky as we have the West Somerset Railway which runs steam trains and old diesel engines less than 10 miles away.
I am enthusiast and also work full time for NS
Me. If I had time, I'd love to get into trainspotting. I love diesel freight engines the most but heavy-built diesel passenger locomotives are cool too.
Indeed! I work on a museum railway in Didcot with locomotives from the same company. I'm assigned with 4079 Pendennis castle but because we're waiting for parts i help out with the new Thomas engine. :)
I've always had a fondness for steam trains, but I was more interested in model railways as a kid, and used to go to model rail exhibitions quite a bit. I've never been someone who found 'trainspotting' particularly interesting, but there's certain rail routes I love because of the scenery, and I think train travel is the most enjoyable way to see the landscape around you. When I went to Norway in '04, I did the Myrdal to Flåm train route, which is reputedly the world's steepest (and undeniably one of its most beautiful).
One envies thee -.- lol
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