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Are the abena l4s still plastic backed? If not what is a similar diaper that is plastic backed? Thanks
If the M4's are plastic backed, I'm sure the L4's would be plastic backed as well.

But just in case: Dry 24/7's are plastic backed as well and can be bought, while it's almost similar, there is no wetness indicator.
M4s are thicker? I want the thickest plastic backed diaper I can buy is what im looking for...
Abena M4's are the medium size and Abena L4's are the large size. They should be the same thickness. I haven't ever had any L4's, but with other brands I've seen it's usually just a difference in size, not thickness. I've got Molicare smalls and mediums. They're the same thickness. The medium is just much larger, and since it's larger it's got more padding overall, and therefore can absorb more.

The Abena's are a pretty thick diaper already. You can make them even thicker by adding a booster, like the Goodnites Tru-fit pad. I've done that before with an M4, and it was really thick.

Haven't ever tried the Dry 24/7's before. Someone else might be able to speak to a comparison between those and Abena's.

If you plan on using stuffers to make it thicker, just make sure you don't add too many stuffers. Or don't get something that just barley fits you and add stuffers. Make sure the stuffers are below the leak guards. If they're above the leak guards, then it'll all leak out, if you "go".
dlfe77 said:
M4s are thicker? I want the thickest plastic backed diaper I can buy is what im looking for...

If you really want to make a diaper thick. Try theses http://www.xpmedical.com/abrilet.html I have the 2XL booster and my diaper was thick. I can't put my knees together. It also adds a nice thick padded back of the diaper making the diaper thick. Plus it adds a nice bulge in the front of the diaper too. They are soft and will hold a lot. The best thing is that you can add boosters to any diaper to make the diaper thick. The thickest diaper that I have ever worn was the Comficare L10.
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