Quick, cheap, decent diaper? I'll be ordering down the line, but...

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  1. Diaper Lover
I'm sick (up all night congested) and every time I "doze off" and wake back up, I have to pee. (we're talking about every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes)

My options are Safeway, Wallgreens, and MAYBE rite-aid
(I will probably order from Northshore later on, but for the time being)
Your two choices are store branded ones or Depend Max Protection as they call it at Kimberely Clark Corporation.
Out of those two choices I would regretfully recommend Depend fitted brief Max protection with tabs/tapes 3 on each side that is if they have them on the shelves.
Make sure you are not a "flooder" or you will leak badly if you release slowly you should be ok sorta.
My ultimate suggestion for a excellent nights sleep is to get Dry 24-7's or Abena Abri Form X-Plus M or L4 as these have the thirst for all what you can give them and you can get them from XP Medical Gary is awesome to work with and ships in plain brown boxes and never a shipping issue. and you can order a small amount of 3 as a sample for temporary issues also .
they may have some in the back they forgot to put out on the shelves some stores get in high stock so they may push some inventory further and further back and they do not know they have some in back unless its inventory time and they purge the back stock out as not to be caught with pants down by corporate or inventory company you dont want a high inventory when the time comes to count your merchandise inventory.
well, thanks for the advice/heads up!
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