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Several years ago i met a man who quickly became one of my dearest friends. We instantly had a special connection. Not long after working together, me had always being a motherly woman and unknowing of his intrest of ABDL he found comfort into slowly telling me about some of the things he enjoyed. And me thinking this intrest of his was very interesting i would play along jus out of curiosity of what was going on in his head. For years we talked and messaged each other he would send me pics of him in diapers and of course refered to me as mommy at times. Nothing ever sexual came of it being that at that time i was married. I have been divorced now for over 2 years and our friendship remaind. This past year i decided to move in with him. It jus seemed to be the most practical thing for us. Within that time we fell in love. We talked about it and slowly has turned into something very special. We have incorporated his joy of being a sissy baby and mommy into our play. In reality having the mommy that every ABDL dreams of as he puts it is new for him too. He has been so use to being alone when it came to this side if him. I came across this site while researching this ABDL world And feel that joining could be very helpful our relationship. I love both my man and my sissy baby. As he loves me and mommy. I find when we play no matter what is going on in our adult lives it all seems to not matter And stress leaves us both.
Hello mom2brit and welcome to the group.
Welcome! What do you and your S.O. like o do when you're not in mommy/baby mode?
welcome mommy !!! I wish you all the best and happiness wish your little baby , we all should be so lucky !! its people like you that give us all hope
Welcome! I think that you are both very lucky and you personally, sound like a very loving, caring individual. Enjoy all aspects of your very special relationship and I wish for you both all the best! Maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to find someone as special as you.
zipperless said:
Welcome! What do you and your S.O. like o do when you're not in mommy/baby mode?

Thanks for all the great welcomes. We enjoy jus getting out. Going to see movies And jus hitting the road to see new things. He works for a chemical plant on 12 hour shifts so the time he has off is spent relaxing and enjoying life .

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I too hope everyone can find that special someone in their lives. Never settle. I have always felt the need to nurture and what better way to be able to do that. When we have our play days nothing else matters. Any worries or stresses of the daily hustle bustle seem to disappear. I remember years ago when he first explained how it helped him and remembered thinking how it all just made sense. Be proud of what you do and knowing how to connect with your inner self. More people in this world should be so lucky to just get honest with theirself And live life to the fullest.
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