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Have loved wearing diapers forever but new here.have some questions
I wear disposible diapers but want something bulky and well padded, I like to go out in public dry and wet myself while I shop, though I'm small I bought xl adult depends and thru just aren't bulky enough I leaked badly last time. Any help there?
Also as I've been into this awhile by myself I've "grown kinkier" and want more experiments. Such as being a diaper sissy, partner women or men, bondage, toys, humiliation the list goes on really. Where can I meet other locals to play and hang with..not craigslist. Also any other good forums
Welcome Mattype! We're happy to see you here. Before we get to your questions above, can you take a moment to introduce yourself here? We like to know who we're giving advice to and it helps us give better advice.

There will be others along shortly to answer your questions about diapers better than I can. Have you read the diaper reviews yet? They are very helpful!

As for kinks, there are a few kinky people here. Bear in mind we are a support group and not much of a meeting place, although there have been some relationships formed here. Again, letting us know more about you will help in establishing yourself here and getting friends with common interests. Good luck and have fun!
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