Need to find something more comfortable

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Currently wearing molicare mobile large as I am 122cm waist with Tena stretch pants over them put would prefer something more snugger fit and not sure what to try next as it seems pull up types don't fit tightly from what I have seen as I have tried a few brands of what I can get here in Australia.

Thing is the non tight fit really irritates me as well as the bunching I guess because of my aspergers syndrome.

Any suggestions

Thank you
maybe you can leave your diapers as they are and go with some snugger clothing. I recently picked up Champion brand sweat pants. They have a drawstring but it's totally unncecssary, as there is some very impressive elastic in the waist. They're baggy enough to have enough room above the crotch to not pack my diaper in an uncomfortable way, but they do a very good job of keeping even a very loose-fitted diaper snugly in place. I made a point to very loosely tape on a totaldry last night and put on those pants, and that diaper wasn't going anywhere. Very comfortable fit, loose but secure.
I feel ya mate. Im 125cm, and nothing fits me properly. The prevail regular fit ok, but are shoddy with no leak guards, Active slip might be another option, (vietnamese brand that has recently showed up on the aus market again.) the large fit up to 140cm, (rather than the 150cm of most brands) which is the closest product Ive found. either need to shed a few kg, or put a few more on and I'll be fine :p
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