My top 10 ABU diapers.


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So it's a pretty hard to decide which is my favorite. This list is for abu diapers and why, tell me what yous are.
1. Little Kings: what's there not to love about these diapers they the most look alike diapers for babies today.
2. Super Dry: These diapers take me back to when I was little. I think there identical of what I wore as a toddler. Single tapes is big for me too. Alot of people don't seem to like the single tape but for me it's gives that added baby look.
3. Cushies single tape (poly backed): I just love plastic diapers.
4. Cushies (cloth backed): I'm really impressed with how good abu cloth diapers are!!
5. Little paws: these are very cute print! Also the little footprint wetness indicator is very cool!!!
6. Alphagatorz: need I say anything! Lol
7. Peekabu's: toddler vibes and I am a toddler ya know
8. Dinorawrz: pretty darn absorbent and cute.
9. Preschool (plastic): these diapers give me that elementary age and preschool mix.
And last but certainly not least.
10. Kiddos: this was again very toddler like diaper for me.
I love this company so much and hope they continue with there amazing products for years to come!
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