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As some of you might know, I have been very lucky to find a girlfriend who shares my love of wetting and age play. We enjoy different aspects of it though. She likes to be babied and looked after, while I'm more into having a playmate as an older little who sometimes has accidents or sees me have one. She likes to be probably 2-4 when she's little, and I'm around 9-11. But we take turns helping each other try stuff and experiment a lot.

She has some genuine IC issues, and usually wears at least a pad, or Tena briefs. I like the Depends briefs, and we pretend we are wearing pull ups or good nights when we wear them. We are yet to try "real" diapers, but no doubt we will.

I wrote a while ago about how we wore our special underwear to the shops once, age playing as 11 year olds, and the fun we had. I'm not brave enough to do a public wetting in a Depends though. I will go to the bathroom and slightly use it, and leave it on after, but I just don't trust it enough to just let go.

Another thing I love is being given permission, or being told to just go in my pants on diaper, and we've played a few games at home with her acting as either my caretaker or my friend who has told me not to worry about, and just go! I just love it. But I'd never done it in public until the other night.....

We (she) decided it was my turn to be looked after, but she wanted to change it round a bit and make me younger than what I'm used to being, around 5 years old. I was to drink enough to need a pee, then wear a Depends brief as a pull up, and have her give me permission to wet myself while we were out. I refused to do a public accident, like the shops or street, so we decided that going for a drive and being stuck in the car would work pretty well.

I drank a few beers and some water, put on a pair of blue jeans over my "pull up," and out we went. We had to go to the supermarket first, then get fuel, and take out for dinner on the way home.

We went to the shops first. By the time we got there I had a genuine need to pee, although not desperately so. As we pushed the cart around, I waited until we were alone in an aisle then, while giving myself a quick squeeze through my jeans quietly whispered to her that I needed the potty. She told me that we were nearly done, and asked if I could hold it for a bit longer, which I agreed. By the time we left, my need to pee was now real and growing.

We stopped for fuel next. She got out and started fuelling up the car, and I asked for permission to go to the bathroom. There was to many cars and people around for a little boy to wander around by himself, and she was busy with the car, so she said I'd just have to hold it for a while longer. When she returned from paying, little me was sitting with his legs crossing and bouncing, with both hands buried in his crotch.

We hit McDonald's next. Little me would have loved to play in the playground and go to the toilet, but it was packed, so we lined up in the drive through instead. We were only a third of the way around, when I suddenly felt a leak. I clamped on with my hands, and in a shaky voice admitted I had just wet myself a little bit. My caretaker looked at me and smiled. "I'm sorry baby. There's nothing I can do about it while we're stuck here. Are you wearing your special pants?"

I just sheepishly nodded. "Then it's ok sweetie. That's what they're for. If you can't hold on anymore just do a wee in your pull up!"

So I did. I sat there, spread my legs and relaxed, instantly and completely flooding it, causing it to fail miserably and leak badly around the back of the leg guards, soaking my jeans, my butt, and the towels I was sitting on. As we pulled up to the window to pick up our food, I was still leaking a bit as I sat there. Thankfully the front of my jeans stayed dry, and with my legs together you couldn't see anything.

When we got home, she sat me on a wooden chair to eat my food before it got cold, and changed me later.

I enjoyed being a younger little than I usually am, and it was great to be told I was allowed to use my special pants and wouldn't be in trouble.
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