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How many people here are military? Just curios
I am a 25B- information systems specialist in the u.s. Army, I am also going to jump school in a week, I am stationed at fort Bragg, nc. Just wondering how many Abdl's there are in either current or former military service
I appreciate your strength and your willingness to serve.
Was an MST2, USCG until i got too banged up to stay
Was Captain in Army Ordnance during Vietnam war (luckily, I never got over to Nam, you could get lead poisoning there).
35-series, here. Too paranoid to say much more. My MOS is pretty small, so getting into specifics could easily identify me.

Bragg? I'm so so sorry. Do you need a hug, soldier?
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Just curious. How do you feel you are viewed by your country and treated when you need ahve served? My brother is an Australian Afghan vet and my best friend was in the same battalion. Both mech infantry. Both were injured (not wounded...) and have been screwed around by the army and VA for years. Does this happen in your countries?

They also refuse to march during our ANZAC Day (our main remembrance day) due to the way that Australia perceives soldiers. The perception, in my brothers eyes, is completely over the top and embarrassing. And there's never any focus on Afghan/Iraq vets or the navy sailors. It's always on ww1 and ww2. He hates how the media always says they're heroes when they don't feel like it. He's proud of his service and believes he did a lot of good but hates the word hero and flag waving crap our country does. (I understand the hero thing because I get pissed as a firefighter for the same reason)

Are your countries similar? Better? Worse?
About ten years ago, the US had an overly supportive attitude towards us. That is to say that it was improperly focused and used as a political tool. No one questioned the way the military was spending money and if you did, you were accused of being unpatriotic or not "supporting the troops."

Nowadays, people have a much more balanced and realistic attitude towards us. It's no longer political suicide to question the way we operate or spend money, just like any other democratic institution. I still get stopped at the grocery store and get the old "thank you for your service," but it doesn't happen that often.

I want to be respected, but I don't care for the hollow lip service that comes from banal patriotism.

Granted, I've never been stationed in the south where people are different, but I'm perfectly ok with the way I've been treated where I am save for a few car dealers' trying to kiss my ass.
I spent time in the US Army in both active duty and reserve status. I initially received training as a 52D before changing gears (pardon the pun) and becoming a 68W. I served during Operation Desert Storm in the early 90's; although, my unit was activated, I never did deploy to Iraq. As to the question about the VA... I personally avoid it like the plague, even if it means paying out of pocket for medical coverage. I've seen way to many fellow veterans receive inappropriate care there.
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Had the strong urge to go on a rant about VA and treatment of young, non convential war, soldiers but I won't hijack a thread.

I think it would be hard to keep this a secret in our military as you have to apply for secret clearance as a rifleman which means they go through a lot of your personal stuff.
Well, I have a secret clearance and they haven't talked to me about shit
Does conscript military service count?

I just finished my 2 year tour of National Service, where I was in an Armoured Batalion. In a nutshell, if my country goes to war, then my fellow male peers and I would be called up to serve.
I'm about to join the navy in my country. Will be serving for a good 5 years, if everything goes well(just had my interview and health check up done) and if I get promoted, I'll stay longer! To be honest, I think i like the regimental lifestyle. I can't wait to serve in the Navy. It would be a great experience i think :D

Ps: don't call me a patriotic boy cause I'm not. Sailing and being a sailor has been my dream and passion since the day I know what a ship is.
i was 68w (combat medic) in the us army. two tours in Afghanistan then medically discharged in 2011.
Aidy said:
I think it would be hard to keep this a secret in our military as you have to apply for secret clearance as a rifleman which means they go through a lot of your personal stuff.

Military clearances only cover financial and criminal history including drug use. Sexual history gets covered by the 3 letter agencies. For the military, we don't even take polygraphs unless we get some really high level access, and even then, they only cover issues relative to the job itself (ie are you a spy, soldier?).

Now, it would be damn near impossible to keep it a secret if you wore in the barracks. When I lived in the barracks, the only chances I got were when I got a hotel room. So to you, young 25B, I say don't even think about bringing them into the barracks. It's hardly illegal, but you will NEVER hear the end of it, especially in an airborne unit.
I'm in the process of enlisting right now, 25B is the MOS that I want, after the practice test at the recruiters they said with my scores as long as it's available, it shouldn't be a problem, if you have any advice for me 25Bravo is love for you to send me a pm.
I can tell you that right now 25B is overbooked, so you're gonna have a really hard time getting in, but anything in the 25 series is really good, especially 25U
Really hard or impossible? Because your breaking my heart here, nothing ever seems to go my way.
Well, they'll know through your financials most likely. :) But ASIO (our CIA) will not really care and it won't go any further.

If anyone is enlisting in Australia... please don't. The whole 7th battalion, 5th and 3rd are all dropping out due to the disgusting treatment they receive from their officers. Hence why the recruitment process has been stepped up into overdrive and recruiters are driving people to infantry. (Which was always full before) It's so bad that when my brother left they were promoting a 21yo to sergeant who hadn't been deployed because they had no-one with more than 4 years service who wasn't leaving and wasn't already promoted.

However, if you want a quick promotion feel free to join. You'll be general in 2 years.

You do not want to be in an Australian peacetime army.
I'm planning on taking Air Force ROTC through college (been accepted to the University of Minnesota), and aim to be a pilot.
I was in the Air Force during the Viet Nam war. Didn't go to Viet Nam but was assigned to the NSA. I wore while on duty but not too often. Was always worried about the random drug testing that the Air Force liked to do during that time. Looking back it was actually a nice time in my life. Oh to be 21 again.
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