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As a lover of the northshore megamax I was intrigued to try out the megamax air as I knew the cloth backed diapers would be less noisy than their bigger sister the regular megamax.

At first glance it seems like a fairly decent diaper. A little more durable than your medical diapers for sure. It has refastenable tapes which is pretty awesome I must say. And padding seems sufficient.

Fit: I will have to try them again as I had to put this one on in my car and so I probably didn't get as good of a fit as I usually do. But overall, seems to fit my hips nicely and stay fastened which is important for velcro tapes and womanly hips lol.

Absorbency: It says these ones hold 8 hours worth whereas the megamax holds 12. I can get 3-4 full bladders of beer pee on a night of drinking in the regular megamax. So far I peed twice in this diaper and I think I could definitely go at least one more time without leaking.

Overall, I think this would be a good diaper in a situation where you're worried about noise. However, if I'm going out drinking, I'm gonna stick to my megamax as I know that can hold back a freakin river.
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Thank you for your review and your insights as it has helped to confirm my own findings.

I have been using coth diapers and diaper covers during the day, of late, which allow me to adjust the capacity based on time I am out and about. I have not experienced MEGAMAX with a diaper cover to be any more nosey than a coth diapers with a diaper cover. But that is just me.