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Ok so its been a while since I've worn, and I guess since my body has grown, and/or diapers getting thinner, I've been struggling to find something I like.

So I used to like depends briefs... I used to use them quite a bit.. but I remember them being thicker.. (back 10 years ago or so) the ones now have such little padding I'm afraid of leaks even on the first wetting, while standing, let alone other positions!! otherwise I really like their fit. they are quite snug fitting, and feel quite comfy..

So realizing how bad depends are, I went for another brand: Tena, briefs, super absorbancy.. They have pretty good absorbency, thats forsure! But they fit like crap. I'm not sure whats with the design, but they always feel like they are falling down, and I'm having to constantly pull them up!

So on to find something that can fit on me like depends, but have better absorbency. I'm not particularly fond of the cloth backing, but its not a huge issue. Just finding something that fits nice, and has decent absorbency would be a good start :D

Ive ordered a sample of tranquility ATN's before Xmas, but they haven't arrived yet, so I shall post back with how those fit.

I suppose I could order online, but I would rather just be able to find a good brand at a local store just for convenience.

but yea... Anyone have any ideas on what I should try?

Thanks very much!
My favorite at the moment are Tena Stretch Super. Good for night wear and have the velcro like tapes that you can stretch for a snug fit.
If your only option is stuff available locally, your prettty much stuck with bad fit and bad diapers. Some non-chain pharmacies might be able to order a case. Locally I can get the light weight molicares (not much to them, but still better than attends/depends) and attends in cases. I have another supplier that keeps the IB Briefs by First Quality (parent company of Prevail) in stock and the Perfit ones. IB is pretty basic plastic backed diaper, might hold as much as depends, I like them to put boosters in since they crinkle a ton. Perfit holds a little more, but is cloth backed. Prevail is probably your only other option typically for most medical supply places that might have some in-stock. If your looking online, then it really opens things up a lot. It would really depend on your body size and weight, some are kind of hard to fit right depending on some body types. Personally I dislike ATNs, the tapes suck and the SAP is easily squeezed to make the liquid escape. They are better than the other ones you mentioned though (most US-based Tena stuff is crap compared to their European ones).
Its not my only option; its just the easier option as I said.. and as I as looking around I didn't really see anything else that caught my attention.

So with that out of the way, what would you's reccomend for me to order?

as I said, Im looking for somthing that fit like the depends - something that fits snug, preferably plastic back, but function takes over form in that department, however would be nice for a soft cloth.. tthats another thing I find with the Tena's, is the cloth is really coarse compared to the really soft plastic backing of depends. it gets to soft n warm, wheras the tena takes the moisture so far away from ya because its so baggy, that it starts to get cold almost.

Im finally in a situation where Im prolly gonna start wearing 24/7, and I would like to find diapers that I can live in comfortably, and get a good stock up so I don't have to worry about running out.. but just gotta find the right ones first :)

again; thanks very much
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What kind of body type are you? Do you have thick thighs? What size pants do you typically fit. If your really small, then there will only be a few diapers that can really fit you well. If you have thick thighs, some will not fit you well or you may have to do a larger version. I would recommend samples before doing any big orders. If your wanting long lasting: Northshore Care Supremes (cloth or plastic ones handle a lot, plastic you have to kind of knead a bit because of its stiffness). Molicare Super Plus I find can hold a lot, but for me at least, it clumps too much. Abena M4 can be great, prices are going to be going up supposedly, so if you are going to do this one, sooner than later might help. Absorbency Plus 4s from XP Medical are pretty thick, hold a lot, but do not have standing leg gatherers. Mid range, I would say Superio from Unique Wellness Briefs, XP Medical's Absorbency Plus 3s, Tena Slip Maxi, Abena M3s (though these are cloth only). I'd recommend investing in some boosters especially if you ever delve into cheaper diapers, it adds some range to them. If you want ultra crinkle, I'd throw a Abri-Let Maxi in an IB Brief by First Quality, the absorbency sucks, but with the right booster, can last a good while. Really all depends on preferences and body size/type.
thanks for the reply.

I would say I have a relitively average build, although a bit on the tall side at 6'2 maybe 210lbs, but even the depends have good enough length.

But anyway I took a good look at the designs between the 2 and I think I see the issues that I don't like with the tena compared to the depends.

The depends brief is more elastic in every way. they have 2 very elastic leg gatherers on each side, a elastic waistband, plus the 6 tapes to hold it all in place, while the tena has only 1 not so stretchy leg gatherer per side, and non-elastic waistband. without any strech in the 'fabric-like' material, the 4 tabs 'slip' looser as I go from a standing position to a sitting one. And when I get back up, I have a very loose diaper. after a few times refastening it, the tabs start to fill with fluff and loose their adhesion.

I just wish Depend would smarten up and add more absorbent fluff. even just half more of what it already has - just a thicker layer nothing fancy - would be a much better diaper IMHO. as I said i like the fit and feel, its just the absorbancy that it severely lacks - especially when laying down. So the adventure goes of finding something else.

There is actually a place in Ontario, relatively close to where I live, which I will have to get in contact with. Just found it online earlier today. its a full fledged walk-in store that actually seems to be marketed towards ABs/DLs. Its website is http://www.rearz.ca/ and they have a store located in Waterloo, Ont. if you look them up on youtube they have a walkthru of their showrooms. they look quite promising. (for North American diapers anyway)
That company seems pretty cool, I've watched some of their videos before. You may want to try some boosters in your depends since you like them a lot. I haven't worn depends in years, so I can't recall which would fit similarly. Attends maybe, but they are as bad on absorbency. Most diapers don't use three tabs but depends and attends from what I have seen.
Im going to email them later today and see if they can put together a starter pack or whatever.. they do have a few different sample packs, but I'm gonna see if they are willing to make custom sample packages. Ive already began making a list, starting with abena 4's :D I think a sample size of 25 diapers + accessories would be a good start.. Im thinking of 25 diapers or sumthin like 5 of each kind, and 5 different kinds, just to get started..

They have so much selection tho. gonna be a hard choice to find 5 kinds that I want outta the 50+ designs they have :p but ye hopefully ill find some stuff I like.. Although I do think I will keep depends for daytime discreetness.. they are good enough for that, they are somewhat thin, and can last at least a few hours. Just don't try using em while laying down :p

well thanks for the comment! now to go throw together a list of what I need :p almost like Xmas again :p
I'd order stuff from them if the shipping wasn't so crazy to the states. I think after 5 diapers, you would probably have an idea of whether or not the diaper is for you. I have had instances where just 2 samples were not quite enough to make the decision for me. I'm kind of on the fence with the new Superio diapers, I probably need a bag to really decide whether or not they are better than the ones I loved by them. I loved the Abena 4's until the Northshore ones came out. Northshore are pretty much all white with a little bit of blue text on them and they seem to last longer for me anyway, they are one of the few diapers that actually wick all the way to the back. Most diapers start to leak before they can get to the back of the diaper.
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