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So as I mentioned on another thread that I started I have gotten back onto Fet Life in the attempts to meet others closer to my area.

I am confused though on the differences between Little, Age Player, and Baby Boy/Girl.

The way I see it they should all be the same but I am sure they are not. I don't know what I would be tagged as. I am a seven year old boy that doesn't always keep his big boy undies dry and clean so I wear diapers too. Since I am a 7 year old boy that probably wouldn't make me a Baby Boy I don't think. So does that make me a Little or an Age Player?
Honestly, it's all about which label people prefer. The terms have different connotations in different contexts.

For instance, in one context (on here and other ABDL places mostly), a 'little' is someone who plays as an older kid, while a baby/AB would obviously be much younger. While I use the terms ageplayer and little generally interchangably, there are some 'littles' who don't consider themselves ageplayers - for them, they see 'little' as a D/s role, where the dominant is a more caring, paternal/maternal type and the submissive is childlike (but doesn't regress or see themselves as a child in any way). To them I suppose I'd be both an ageplayer and a little. Further complicating that is the people who'll use 'baby boy' or (more commonly) 'babygirl' as, again, a D/s title that has absolutely nothing to do with diapers whatsoever.

It's also worth noting that, in terms of denoting age ranges, 'middle' is often used as a companion to 'little' for ageplayers who play an older role (say 13-18).

Basically the whole thing is very messy and without talking to a person, you won't have any clue exactly what the words mean for them.
After thinkng on it and seeing your response I think I see it as Ageplay being a category and Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Little, and Middle (and anything else) being the classification within the category. But in that since anyone who is in Adult Baby falls into the Ageplay category. Since I have really considered myself a Little Kid more than an Adult Baby for a few years I would fall in the Little classification since I am a 7 year old boy. I guess the Little Boy classification could also be used to tag me.
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