Keeping your binky in all night?

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I have a combination issue. I have a CPAP and I want to keep my mouth shut and I also want to keep my binky in.

It wouldn't require a lot of pressure. My jaw just gets lazy and slowly opens as I fall asleep.

I'm sure can get something to hold up my chin up gently and get something to go around the back of my neck to keep the binky from falling out but I figured maybe theres a good all in one solution.

Ordered some nice custom orthopedic binkies from pacifiers are us and I would like to make practical use of them.

I grind my teeth at night so this could benefit not only in comfort by helping my teeth.

You could use an elastic band around your head, over the ears to hold it close even when your mouth relaxes. It would not need to be tight, just snug.
I think the cleanest solution is just to get used to having it in your mouth. It didn't take long with concerted effort to be able to sleep with it and eventually all through the night.
Id agree that getting used to it will make all the difference, however, cuddling a teddy and tucking it up near your chin might help.
For me it works. If I'm not using paci, I sometimes wake up because snoring. I wake up if I lose my paci, but it's not very often.
Do not ever use anything to hold the binky that involve an elastic or string or anything, remember that if for any reason, you can't breathe, your mouth will open and release the binky out naturally to get air, if it can't because the binky is tied in you can die, its ok to use some gagging system while you're awake, but otherwise, I wouldn't risk going to sleep, especially since you mention the CPAP thingy.
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