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I just recently started using pads for some light daytime leakage. I been having trouble keeping them in place with my boxer briefs. The get bunched up, folded over etc. Any suggestions for best type of underwear to buy to help hold in place? Maybe I need to go down a size but don’t want them too tight on waist or legs.
1672862335656.pngYou want to use "fixing pants" / "compression pants".

Abri-Fix Super Pants ensures excellent support for all types of Abena pads. Thanks to its boxer shape, its flexibility and the elasticity of the fabric used, these briefs prevent the pad from moving, effectively supporting without restricting you. These briefs are both soft and comfortable. They are also hypoallergenic.
  • Machine washable underpants up to 60 ° approximately 100 times
  • 97% polyester, 3% elastic
  • Latex Free
  • 3 pairs per package
  • 20 packages per case
I often wear these when I need to wear a diaper when away from home. These keep your bottom profile slimmer and hold things into place.

I haven't used pads but they should be held in place quite well. At they cost $8.49 Cdn.
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Not sure which pads or boxer briefs you're using (I know you got the pads from Northshore). You should use athletic boxer briefs (polyester/spandex) that are snug, not tight. Think Under Armour BoxerJock. Athletic boxer briefs don't loosen up over the course of the day, and the fabric allows good adhesion (it doesn't shed like cotton), preventing the pad from wandering around. Guards for men will stay in place better than a longer unisex pad, and wider guards tend to stay even better because of the surface area being held in place. Plus with a wider guard you don't need to be concerned about where you are pointing (shift happens!). The NorthShore DoubleStop XL is a great guard, but I think the Tena Guards are the best. Guards can't handle a void, but can handle dribbles and spurts well (stress incontinence).

If you need a longer unisex pad, then follow what @slimjiminy stated above.
So my experience is that fixing pants as well as boxer shorts working well with larger anatomical formed pads as long they have a snug or tight fit. If you use guards that can be taped into the slip (like Tena men or Seni Man super) a normal tight fitting slip often works better. The type of guard used is also pretty important. I used former times Seni Man Super Level 5 for a while. My experience was, that guard like that from Tena or Attends do not work very well for me, because of the „poining“ problem that Cheshire already mentioned. The missing leaking guards and short size that does not reach wide enaugh into the crotch array was also not optimal for me. The Guards that have a „ship“ form had worked much better for me.

In the end the right combination of pad / guard and fixing pant / slip that make the thinks working. It might be a good idea to experiment with different pants as well as with different pads / guards. There are significant differences between pads / guards as well between different slips / boxers. It really depends on your body and not everything works for everybody.

If it comes to the material of the pants / slips I have a slightly different opinion as Chesire Cat. I prefer a mixture of cotton/ bamboo and lycra. this combination is capable to absorb smaller amounts of liquid if the pad fails what gives a extra of security. More over (if you not use Athletic boxers) the synthetic material tends to cause skin Irritation if you are acitve. The worse experience I had with the black Seni fixing pants for men - they caused cafe marks at the inner thighs while walking. My favorite fixing pant was for a long time the Tena Fix Cotton Special. Unfortunalty this is not listed on the US site and seems to be available in europe only… (
I use net fixing pants to keep my comfort extra pads in place
For me holding the disposable Nappy in place is essential as I have no waist to talk about, so my only support comes from 3 net pants or stretch pants, these are applied over the disposable and are then in turn covered with PUL pants.
The only down side is that whilst holding your Nappy close to you they may well reduce the Nappies absorbancy by a small amount, it really is a trade off.
Another positive thing is that stretch pants will also reduce the bulk and smooth out the outline of your disposable Nappy.
Being a long time wearer stretch pants and PUL pants are a must for anyone going out in public who require absolute discretion.
I use Tommy John briefs (the underwear) with Tena Super Absorbent guards. These are little bulky but work well. I go between these and pullups when my OAB is really bothering me.

At night I got tired of the pads and my parts moving around so I switched to Threaded Armor training pants.

For me just wearing pullups is the easiest but after a few days I really get tired of how they feel and just want the comfort of normal underwear.
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