just diapers at work and stupid ideas

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So, I was going to post something about wearing to work today and gave the related threads a read. I can safely say that almost everything in the original post is absolutely not relevant any more. Yea:thumbsup:!

So, yes. I wore diapers to work today. Well... a diaper... I don't really have a good changing opportunity. Decided on the new Tena Slip Maxi (the one with the cloth sides), since it's what I have for the next 10 or so wears and I was confident that it could take a whole shift. It went well, and wenting, well, went well. I didn't have any problems with things, which I guess is a good thing. I mean, there's lots of things that can go wrong, most of them pretty bad, so I'm glad nothing broke or became untapped or leaked:sweatdrop:.

So, on the scale of bad ideas (wearing and using at work for the first time at the same time without a spare), let's see, based on the related threads... we've got a "definitely stupid", perhaps even "YOWO" material. You know, half of that title could be removed, but then the post would be hard to figure out if you wanted to read it.

Well, nobody noticed. It was comfortable once I got used to how tight I cinched the top tapes (most all clothing is too tight for me). It was nice not being distracted by having to take a bathroom break (which I skip from time to time, so it isn't unusual). Would I do it again? sure, if I got the exact same shift. Not normally, though.

And now to wear through the rest of the half case before scientists discover life on the Sun.
Glad it went well.
I just got some of those new cloth-sided. Capacity is good, outer shell plastic feels great, but that side... ick. It looks like it'll be nice and stretchy, perfect to make up for tena's compete lack of front or rear elastic or pleating. NOPE! It's like a nylon backpack - NO stretch whatsoever.

Until you wear for awhile. It stretches over time, and by afternoon you have to nip off to the restroom to move each of the tapes in an inch or more. :p

Creates major sag problems even when dry. Do not like. Will not be reordering.

The plastic-sided however (available at bambinodiapers.com) are much better that way. But it did make me recognize that the cloth sides really do help circulation and help keep my sides from sweating or itching. I normally have to apply a dash of talc on my hips before pulling up my jeans, but not with the cloth. So it's a good idea, they just need to make it stretchy and not stay stretched out.
I personally wouldn't wear even the previous ones before they added the cloth sides for a whole shift at work. I tend to wear those and other mid-range absorbency diapers for my mornings before lunch (usually between 3 to 4 hours, no potty involved). If you going to wear for a whole shift, something like a dry 24/7 or northshore care would be a better solution. I'd recommend especially with the dry 24/7 to have a onesie since it does run a bit tall and would easily rise up over the pants. I have onesies for every day of the week, but usually can wear the same one for more than a day. It helps for those that want to be diapered continually and don't want to worry about diaper exposure.
SpottedLion said:
It was comfortable once I got used to how tight I cinched the top tapes (most all clothing is too tight for me).
OK, lol, This is first I have even heard of a guy complaining about clothing being to tight. :) Would love to hear more about this, is this work clothes, every day clothes or both?
In my previous job our 'uniform' consisted of swimming trunks with jammers underneath. So diapers weren't particularly an option there.

My current job has me working on airport property with numerous security checkpoints each and every day, so diapers are still a non-option. Truthfully though, I probably wouldn't wear to work even if I could, as I usually limit myself to wearing them for bedtime.
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