Is this a good buy?

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I know I'm new here, but I was wondering if anyone here could answer a couple of questions. I have included a screenshot of what I'm thinking about buying (size 5 Huggies ultratrim 132 count). The boxs look kinda old, and I saw on eBay that vintage diapers were going for a lot of money; would I expect to get a good return on these if I buy them for $30? Also, does anyone know how old these are?

Thanks for taking the time to help out a new person.

~Sax Player
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Those aren't that old. Probably mid '00. Not worth the resale attempt. Vintage diapers are generally considered to be pre-1995-ish. What you found is a budget minded parent's wish come true, but not much else.
You could always buy them and sit on them for a while. I bet there will be a bunch of diaper lovers who will remember them fondly and who will pay whatever price you ask, but only in some years. Also, diapers are trickier to take good care of, as they age. You don't want them getting moist or damaged.
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