Intentional wetting to get put back in diapers


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When I was a child I went the bed on and off till I was around 9 and then I finally got over it. It wasn't that severe so I never wore protection. I was around 11 when I started going through puberty and started becoming aroused for the first time. I began masturbating quite frequently and i would often have wet dreams. Unfortunately I didn't understand thats what was happening and would always mistake my wet dreams for bedwetting as did my mother. After a while she bought me goodnights Wich I ended up masturbating in. It wasn't long before I had a thing for diapers. Eventually after wearing goodnights for a few weeks I realized I was not even wetting them and that it was actually from ejaculating in them. I came up with a plan where I was going to pretend my bedwetting was getting worse by adding water and purposely wetting them resulting in my goodnights leaking, so maybe my mom would get me some real diapers. By now I was 12 and couldn't get diapers off my mind.
My mom was changing my sheets and doing laundry all the time so one day when I pointed out a package of disposable diapers and asked if she thought they would work better, she jumped on the idea and told me how happy she was that I was willing to give them a try. The first day was extremely awkward and embarrassing. more so than I think i imagined it would be, here I was getting exactly what I had wanted so badly. but I was already second guessing myself. The first couple times I diapered myself even though I wanted so badly to be diapered by my mom like I dreamed of but I was to embarrassed. I decided to tell my mom that i couldn't figure out how to put them on myself. She tried telling me how to first, but I purposely kept messing up until she finally had enough and told me she was going to have to put my diapers on if I still couldn't.
I reluctantly agreed and let her diaper me.
I was so embarrassed those first couple times. She would have me take off my pants and then have me lay down on top of the diaper she would have already spread out on the bed. She said she would help me the first couple times and then she would see if I could get it on without her. I made sure to do the worst job I could though. So she would have to do it for me. I then decided I wanted to be put back in diapers in the daytime to. So I kept wetting my pants more and more until she finally decided to put me in a diaper during the day to. Everything was going awesome until I decided I wanted to take a break from wearing them in the day because it meant I had to stay home most of the time. I told my mom that I wanted to give it a try without wearing diapers in the day. Up until now wearing diapers was something that was up to me in a way. So when my mom said she would think about it I was a little surprised. I told her that I really didn't need them every day and that if I showed her I could be dry during the day for few days if she would agree to only have to wear at night. She told me that I would have to keep wearing diapers for now and that it was normal for me to not want to be diapered, and that she knows that it's very embarrassing. But that I would get used to being diapered again if I quit fighting it. Eventually I started just taking them off myself without permission ect. my mom wasn't happy with this and punished me by making me wear my diaper with no pants so she could always see it and so sh


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Did this get cut off at the end?
It sounds like a great fantasy to have been brave enough to do all that.
Its a really good story 😻