In news that'll surprise no one...

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  1. Diaper Lover
Because of heavy chat bouncing around on this site this morning I've decided to set free more of my personal info all over the interweb!

I - bringmesunshine - hav full Asbergers Syndrome and autistic traits!

Wot you'd already guessed? Look at Sherlock Holmes Here!

I'm only joshing don't worry! I've not buried any aspects of my AS side in past posts so why not go further! I've got so many gifts and talents and have enjoyed so many wonderful experiences...and only because I have this fantastic little twist o' the genes! Go me! bringmesunshine
Good for you, bringmesunsine.
KittyninjaW said:
Good for you, bringmesunsine.

Said I'd announce it ADISC-publicly didn't I! bms
Unsure Asperger. And very sure ADHD... preety comon in ABDL world. Know bout more people, but as I say "Every fool with his madness."
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