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I'm Prairie and I enjoy sharing experiences

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Hi, I just joined. Looking for talk of Goodnites prints, I found a thread here comparing them to Underjams, and just had to share my take. I realized I wanted to share everyday aspects of diapers for a while. My experience with DPF a loooong time ago had left me avoiding diaper boards. In evaluating this forum, I found the Why do we focus on the non-sexual? discussion here and was sold.

I tend to act individually and enjoy that in others. I don't feel comfortable identifying with things, not even gender, and tend to relate with social groups from the outside because it preserves my autonomy. I enjoy solitude where I can explore myself and untangle the chaos of interactions I've had with others. I relate with myself and the world as a process, rather than a static thing that can be seen at a point in time. I strive to respect the autonomy and unique views of other beings, so that they can enjoy self-authorship too. I really value slowing down and observing things and just being with the experience in the present, the thing being observed, without the world of thoughts about it, explanations for it, classification. I want to find and see through all illusion in my life, and I think this will never come to a finish.

Practically, I've wanted to talk about the everyday aspects of diapers as anyone using them might, e.g. parents, caretakers, etc. Specifically, how well they work, things I like/dislike, quality-control problems, thrifty deals found (I live for finding bargains whenever I'm shopping).

There are deeper aspects too, around self-discovery and support. I'd like to give support through listening to and accepting others here. Maybe others talk about how they explore themselves with diapers, just as they would with other things they are drawn to, like music, art, relationships with people, feelings and hardships, whatever. I've related with diapers as a window into myself, and over the years it's helped me connect to very deep parts of myself that I had lost touch with. It's always unfoldering and changing, with me longing to know what is at the core.

I look forward to some day I unraveling my interest in diapers completely and losing interest, because it will mean I have found myself in deep ways. I relate with all things in the world that I like and feel happy around; some day they may all be just as neutral as everything else, and that wouldn't be necessarily bad if I found the source of all the happiness inside myself and didn't need those things to connect with it.

I enjoy exploring and creating things in my time: myself, other people and relating with them, especially listening well, self-expression, nature, making food, stuffed animals/stuffed dolls (particularly the Groovy Girls series), LEGO, classic video games, technical things like software and hardware. Sometimes I've collaborated with others on these and enjoyed being able to give the fruits of my labor to others.
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Welcome Prairie! You gave a great intro and I see you have already made quite a few posts. Awesome! Keep up the good work!
WoW, great intro. Welcome to the site.
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