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Any of you fellow Brits have any experience with the ID Expert Slip Super in plastic backing?
Not plastic but I'm wearing a maxi cloth and i'm very happy with them and when i need some more i will buy from save express as they do the plistic version of these
I'd like to know too, I did nearly get them last month but I saw no reviews anywhere. Though I have seen lots of people on tumblr using them .
I have tried these recently, and quite a good nappy overall. They have good absorbency, maybe about half way between Tena Slip super and maxi. They have the tape on tape fasteners and a all over plastic backing. (Tried the Extra a few months ago and they have the plastic center with cloth wings).

The only downside that I have come across is the padding is a bit stiff / hard, but this soon subsides when wetted.

Think these are going to become one of my main nappies seeing as everything else seems to be going cloth backed. Just hope they don't too, can't see it though as they DID go cloth backed and then brought out the plastic backing along side the other. That said you never know, would never have imagined the legendary Molicare Super Plus would be destroyed but it has.

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Oops, forgot to say. Parcelboy, these are available in the UK for next day delivery from incontinece shop.
I also wanted to try them for some time now and so I ordered a couple of them (the Super ones) from saveexpress yesterday together with some other stuff. Can't wait for the delivery :smile1: I also think that the 'cheapos' aren't as bad as some people often claim. And different 'flavours' help keeping things interesting.
Yes, they are similar to a Tena slip Maxi, maybe a bit bulkier and stiffer and not quite as absorbant.

As a daytime diaper with an abena bodystocking on they are excellent, stay nice and snug and absorb loads abd just feel comfortable.

As a nightime diaper I find the bottom tapes always slip, so I have to use tape to reinforce them.

They're quite crinkly as well.
I got a couple of free samples of the ones with cloth-like backing. I was really impressed. They were snug, comfortable, didn't sag like most fake-cloth-backed diapers. I imagine the plastic-backed ones would be even better... but then I do like the plastic-backed Abenas... :)
tiny said:
...didn't sag like most fake-cloth-backed diapers.

I don't know what you mean by fake-cloth-backed, but as fas as I know (and tested it myself) the big difference is whether the backing is breathable or not. All the breathables (like the Abenas, the new Tenas, the Senis) tend to sag more than the non-breathable ones (the new Attends and some other type of which I can't remember the name right now). The non-breathables are basically plastic backed with cotton-feel finish, so I guess that makes them somehow stronger. And I think the IDs are non-breathable.
Well it cloth ID maxi i've got on now is soaked but not leaking , if it were an Lille maxi i would be leaking by now
I am supplied nappies by the NHS Continence service. When I first started getting them, they were Euron Form, which were normally adequate for my needs but no more; there were times when they would leak, even if I didn't wet particularly heavily. But then about a year ago, I received a delivery of ID Expert slips. At first I thought it was a mistake, but there was a note inside the box explaining that they had ceased Euron Form and were switching to the ID Expert brand.

I have to say that I am quite impressed. They are plastic backed, and I have only had one leak whilst in bed (and that was because I'd wet very heavily), and even if I leave it too long between changes leaks are usually fairly minor.

Personally, I think they are pretty good; not quite as good as a Tena Slip Maxi, I am quite happy to wear them to bed, when I need them most.
The plastic backed supers are high on my buy list. I guess I'll include them in my next order once I run out of the Abri Airplus M3. I also still have some Tena Maxis around, but I can hardly bring myself to use the remaining ones :(

There is no plastic version of the ID Maxi, right?
I've tested them over the last days and I'm quite impressed. They absorb almost as much as a Tena Maxi, maybe somewhere between Maxi and Super. They are thicker than the Tenas and broader in the crotch. The fitting reminded me of the Comficare, not as broad, but still broad and rather snug. The SAP core is very stiff and it stays stiff, even when loosened up before wearing, and also after wetting. The diaper gets very bulgy when wet, that is, I had to waddle after some time. The diaper feels dry after wetting and the odour control does its job. The backing is crinklier than that of Tenas or Attends, but sadly, also not as smooth.

Wicking however is not its strength. I had the feeling that the urine stays in the croth area which gets saturated after some time and doesn't absorb as readily after some time. This might lead to leaking. Also, having a fitting similar to the Comficare, I have some trouble getting this thing really snug around my buttocks, which is also a potential leak.

Altogether, this is a proper diaper :smile1: For my taste it is too tight and too stiff, but I like the crinkly plastic backing, the absorbtion and the built-in waddle mode.
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