I think I have lost my Paddy

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Hi everyone.

As most of you know Paddy is my big brother Dom / adopted son.

But tonight he got arrested because he was very drunk and started wrecking the place

But to night he got arested because he was very drunk and start recking the place.

There he is in police custody.

There is more to this but I am not willing to go into details at this time.

What do I do? If he come back I not going to feel as safe with him. But he my Dom and I going to miss him so much.

There is a possibility he may end up in prison.

And I will lose my lovely son. Don't think he is going to be able to be a Middle so easily.

Thanks for reading this.


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I'm sorry to hear the bad news, Sisi. Maybe the cops will let him out. Either way, he needs to set a limit for himself on drinking. I gave up drinking many years ago. It wasn't good for my health or my well being.
Sorry to hear that. I about that things can be worked out.
Hi sisi,

I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to Paddy, but I'd urge you not to get discouraged. Remember, all the stuff that you two have done together still happened and he's been a good person with you from everything you've told us. It's really unfortunate to hear that he has this problem and that it got bad enough that the police needed to get involved. But sometimes that can be a bit of a wake up call too. Be ready to help and support him and work together to help him keep better control of himself and figure out strategies to avoid a repeat of what happened. I'm sure you two can do it!

Woke up this morning Crying. I feeling really sad. Just won't hug, and my Paddy back. Nice Paddy not nasty drunk Paddy.

What going to happen.

OK update.

To day we went to the Magistrates Court to see if my Paddy would get Bell. But the judge said no he's been too naughty. He said I have to go to the Crown Court in a months time. And if he is good and very lucky he might be allowed to come home then. But he is more likely to have to do longer in jeal.

I told the nice man that he was not that naughty really. He just needs not to keep off the drink. Becouse it make him a meanie when he does.

I really really miss him as I not going to get any hug or do fun stuff with him for like forevers and ever.
And i just won't him back home where I can look after him.

I'm sorry to here this sisi I hope he is OK and I hope you are too
Oh no! That sounds awful, Sisi. :frown: It's so unfair that he's the one who's been naughty, yet you're the one left feeling sad.

I hope he takes this as an opportunity to get some help for his issues. I think he should have access to addiction counsellors who may be able to work with him to find other ways to cope other than alcohol. Is he ready for that?

Best wishes and hugs to you both.
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