I regressed big time in the bath

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I tried out my johnsons nighttime bubble bath and it was really relaxing, I had my toys in as well. I didn't worry about anything not even where the rest of my bath toys went which is a start! I am a big worrier and I reckon if I have baby baths more frequently I could be less anxious in real life, what do you think? I am also trying out baby massage cream.
i love Johnson's bubble bath. I have come to prefer these gentle soaps as opposed to stronger adult soap. I think it might be better for your skin as well.
I am at my littlest at bathtime. I love to get all covered up with bubbles, then use my squirter toys to rinse them off. Squirting warm water down the inside of my leg also provides the sensation of wetting myself, without the mess.

I also like to mouth my toys, or suck my thumb. (I would be loathe to do this outside the tub, as I am a bit of a germaphobe. But since they're in warm soapy water, why not, right? :)
bath time makes me little, and its definitely relaxing!
My nanny gives me a bath every time she babysits me, and it's quickly become our favorite time together.

I never take baths as an 'adult' - always showers. The warm water and her languid bathing allow me to just close my eyes and drift off.

The Johnson's baby bath products are all terrific. The Baby Magic Soft Baby wash, however, has a better scent. I can still smell it on my skin a couple of hours later.
I have been thinking of getting some of the johnsons baby wash but the scent of Ivory always takes me back to childhood. I was raised by my grandparents for the most part and they always had Ivory I don't remember any other scents growing up. On the other had my little side is slowly become less about just reliving my childhood and more about just being a child. I have started to incorporate some television and toys that would not have been around back then so baby wash is on the list now. :)
Bath time is my biggest fantasy, being washed using j&j products then taken out dried off and layed on the bed on to of an open diaper to then being rubbed down whole body in j&j baby moisturizer and powdered up then taped up snuggley
Bubble baths, baby shampoo, baby wash and baby toys make my bath time a special baby time.
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