I have bought S*****a plastic pants and they go hard

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The S*****a range of Plastic pants are really good but as I live in the UK I now have to order them from the USA even though they are made in Germany our local supplier Shop4pvc has closed down saying that there is no profit in it anymore so the only place is the USA which is really costly.
And the Pants seem to go hard quite quickly Is there anything I can do to keep them soft as it is becoming very uneconomical and costly to buy them !.
I don't Like the R***i clear pants as they are too babyish !any advice or thoughts on this please and on any good quality suppliers that are good quality but cheaper and available in the uk.
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Try AirOliver in germany. http://www.airoliver.de
This is a very good shop for Suprima and regular diapers in Europe. My Suprima pants do not get hard, it is depending on the chemicals you use to clean them. Be careful with that and what to use for this. What I do is not wash them with aggressive soap, only with water and sometimes a tiny bit of shampoo, under the shower. I use a pair of 3 and change between pairs to keep them fresh. Hopefully these tips help you out.
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