How to make a hidden AB/DL/Babyfur steam account from your friends and family for free.

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I thought I make this guide for everyone who is afraid of their family and friends of finding out about this side of them. This guide will show you how to make a steam account that your friends and family will not know about and keep all of your steam games.

What to do:
1) Login into your current steam account

2) Open steam settings

3) Click on Family and click on "Authorize this computer" and follow the on screen instructions. When you authorize your computer this allows any account that is logged on to your own computer you own access to that current accounts games.

4) Make a new steam account. When you login into your new steam account you should have access to all of your steam games. THIS WILL NOT LINK FRIENDS LIST!!!! This means you can add all of your crinkly butt friends on here and no one will know.

5) Profit and play games with other ab/dls/babyfurs

P.S. While your at it come join my group geared towards bringing diapers and other baby stuff to games we all enjoy.

Not open for further replies.